Lifeguard for Halloween? We will help you shop for Halloween lifeguard costumes

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Lifeguard for Halloween? We will help you shop for Halloween lifeguard costumes


This year, you may have decided to do things differently, have a unique kind of Halloween, one where you will be a lifeguard. It is an interesting way to celebrate Halloween, have fun while being standby on any eventuality where your services may be required. While preparing for this event and the role that you were to play, we anticipate that nothing ugly will happen, but this being Halloween people may get excited and through caution into the air, leading to a situation where rescue is needed. Your service will be needed during such incidences, where you have an opportunity to be the hero for the day. You went out to have fun but due to your costume, things have turned around you are the hero for the day. With your Halloween costume, this will come off so easily.


Perhaps you are a certified lifeguard or are training to be one or just stay in a hot climate zone where water activities is a common pass time and temptations to have a Halloween party by the poolside cannot be resisted. Regardless of the motivation, you need some head start when shopping for lifeguard Halloween package, so what are the factors that you need to consider? It can be challenging, especially if you are out shopping for the first time. It can be confusing, given that there are lots of attire out there leave alone that some are only won for some special occasions such as hallowed. To help you have a fun and smooth shopping experience, here are the things that you should think about.


Being Halloween season, what kind of lifeguard do you wish to dress up like? You will be surprised that there are dozens of choices; you can don up like an old-time lifeguard, a modern one or even portray a lifeguard from a given era among so many other options. If you decide to go back in time, try and look for something which looks vintage while ensuring that your overall style is in sync with the surrounding. While this may be a daunting task given that you need to dig deeper, it is possible to have what you are looking for, especially when you go shopping at places which specialize in lifeguard attire.


If you decide to portray a modern lifeguard style, it will be much easier for you as there are many options. With these tips and props, this will be fun. For the tan, this comes off naturally, lifeguards are mostly tan but if you do not get a treated at the salon or just use lotion. Given that you will sit on the beach for long hours, you need to protect yourself from the sunstroke, a cap will come off as a necessity, get the kind that gives you a perfect look, combining comfort and the day's theme. Sarong is a loose fabric that mostly used by female lifeguards, this is to offer their legs protection against the harsh heat from the sun. Wearing this will give you the comfort that you need as well protect your body while at the same time it can be easily be removed to ensure continued comfort during this season. A hand towel is a must-have, it will help you when a stream of sweat fills your face or when you want to wipe the sand or water off your body. For those who may be thinking it will be cumbersome carrying it around, hanging it on your shoulder or tucking it into your trunks looks so cool. Sunglasses might look out of place especially when the event is at night but they are very cool for lifeguards and again you never know when they may be needed. You need to be set and at the same time look cool, so instead of wearing them just hand them on your head or tuck them off in you trunks or t-shirt. If you feel that you need to wear them for some time, we suggest that you pick those that come with light senses; this will allow you to have a good night vision. Without a whistle, lifeguard attire is incomplete, it is part of the costume, get one that resonates well with the Halloween. For the footwear, flip flops are the ideal thing; they will feel comfortable and can be easily removed when needed. The only thing that you have to do is get those Halloween flip flops, the kind that will make you a center of attraction.


While doing all this, make sure you get a lifeguard fanny pack; this will make your Halloween fabulous. Who said lifeguards cannot enjoy Halloween, this can do all this through getting proper Halloween lifeguard costume at, the one-stop-shop for all the lifeguard attire and accessories.

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