Which Type of Lifeguard Chairs Do Lifeguards Prefer?

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Lifeguards have a unique role in summertime safety: their jobs exist with the hope that they’ll never be needed. And while it may appear that they have it too easy sitting in a chair and working on their tan, the truth is that their constant vigilance makes the water a safer place to play.


To ensure lifeguards can stand up to their daily challenges, comfort on the job is paramount. That’s why it’s important to consider important details like the lifeguard chair itself and its role in promoting safety for all.


The Verdict Is In: Lifeguards Prefer Plastic Chairs

LIfeguard chairs usually come in three different materials: wood, metal, or plastic.


Wood chairs are common sights you see on the beach. They have a Baywatch vibe to them and are often considered iconic. The problem, howe

ver, is that wood that’s exposed to the outdoor elements over time doesn't usually last long. It can crack and swell with water damage, too.


As the wood weathers, their level of comfort declines. Chairs that aren’t properly painted and cared for are prone to producing splinters, plus they may become unstable and unsafe for use.


Metal lifeguard chairs are also on the decline. Metal becomes hot when left in the hot summer sun and does little to protect the lifeguard while on the job. They’re also usually more expensive than wood or plastic chairs and are heavier, which makes them difficult to relocate if needed.


That leaves us with plastic, which is more durable and less maintenance than wood and more comfortable than metal.

Plastic lifeguard chairs are water resistant and easier to clean than wood or metal. They don’t require painting and are 

often made to resist mold and other contaminants. Many are made of lightweight material, which makes them easy to move to various positions for the best possible coverage and visibility.



Where to Find Plastic Lifeguard Chairs Built to Last

If you’re looking for plastic lifeguard chairs that will last a long time and that your lifeguards will love, we have you covered. Check out our selection of plastic lifeguard chairs today!


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