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As we are in the early days of June, lifeguards across the country are in the early days of a much different summer. Covid-19, social distancing, and masks have become all too familiar. Because of this, lifeguards at both the pool and beach are facing even more challenges to keep swimmers safe.


That being said, it’s also important to focus on the basics. Lifeguards need to be able to focus, and one of the best ways to focus is having a great umbrella. A sturdy and reliable umbrella can do wonders as you do your job. However, you may not be certain which type of umbrella that you should purchase.


If so, we have your back. At My Lifeguard Shop, we have searched for and used many different types of lifeguard umbrellas. While you are certainly able to purchase any lifeguard umbrella that you’d like, there are several lifeguard umbrellas that we would like to highlight. Purchasing these lifeguard umbrellas will go a long way in helping you focus and be comfortable on those hot summer days.


Different Types of Lifeguard Umbrellas


One classic type of lifeguard umbrella is the solar lifeguard umbrella. This lifeguard umbrella has a large diameter (often six feet) and can be used with lifeguard chairs. One great attribute of solar lifeguard umbrellas is that they offer UPF 50+ protection. This means that solar lifeguard umbrellas provide vast amounts of protection against the sun’s dangerous UV rays.


The solar lifeguard umbrella’s fiberglass skeleton provides stability and its included tilt mechanism is perfect for adjusting the umbrella on extremely bright days. There’s no need to constantly move your chair to get out of the sun. Rather, you can simply use the solar lifeguard umbrella’s tilt mechanism and get back to monitoring the pool or beach.


From solar lifeguard umbrellas, you’ll next want to take a look at heavy duty lifeguard umbrellas. Heavy duty lifeguard umbrellas are most known for their sturdiness. They have stainless steel rivets and parts, reinforced pockets, and molded heavy gauge resin joints. All of these parts go a long way in helping these heavy duty lifeguard umbrellas stay upright on extremely windy days. If you live in a windy climate or have experienced issues with your current umbrella falling over because of wind, a heavy duty lifeguard umbrella may be a great choice for you.


Besides their sturdiness, these umbrellas are around 6.5 feet in diameter and contain approximately one-inch diameter upper aluminum poles and lower attachment poles. These poles are powerful and slim, making them a great choice for pools and beaches alike.


Finally, there are medium weight lifeguard umbrellas. These lifeguard umbrellas are smaller and less sturdy than the other two umbrellas on this list, yet they can be valuable in certain situations. For example, you can use these types of lifeguard umbrellas if you do not live in a very windy climate. They can be great choices if you are overlooking a calm and quiet pool or beach.


Like the other umbrellas on this list, these types of umbrellas will help you avoid the sun’s harmful rays. But compared to some of the other larger umbrellas, medium weight lifeguard umbrellas are more economical and easier to carry around. They are easier to transport and set up when you are starting and ending your workday. With an included carry bag, you won’t have to struggle or worry about moving your umbrella around from place to place.


Some Great Alternatives


In the end, lifeguards can choose from a wide variety of lifeguard umbrellas. Having said that, the lifeguard umbrellas described above can be great choices. Each of them has its benefits and drawbacks, so you’ll need to think hard about which umbrella will be most valuable. By being deliberative and thinking about the pros and cons, we’re confident that you can make the right choice.


At My Lifeguard Shop, we are proud to sell different types of lifeguard umbrellas. No matter your personal circumstances or needs, we are confident that we have the perfect lifeguard umbrella for you. To learn more about us and take a look at our inventory, feel free to click here. We look forward to assisting you!

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