The Perfect Lifeguard Outfit or Costume

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The Perfect Lifeguard Outfit or Costume

Searching for the perfect lifeguard outfit or costume for Halloween just got that much easier. You can either go with a predetermined lifeguard costume or piece one together yourself with a few simple accessories that you can continue to use throughout the year. However many people cannot decide which route they want to go or cannot find the perfect lifeguard outfit pieces to make their costume seem more realistic. Making the decision to be a lifeguard for Halloween can be a lot of fun but can take a little bit of prep work to find the perfect costume.

Going With Quick and Easy

Choosing to go the predetermined route with your costume can be fairly quick and easy, although it may take you longer to find something that you like or be expensive. While some adults choose to go the “sexy” lifeguard route, others find more of a Baywatch like costume that is a little more family friendly. Some of these costumes possess one piece swimsuits or dresses complete with rescue buoys. However, none of these fit the bill for a realistic lifeguard costume and can be a bit cheesy. But if this is the way you want to go, you can find prepackaged lifeguard outfits at any party store or Halloween store as well as online. 

Piece by Piece

For those who are determined for a realistic lifeguard costume that is not only family friendly, but a sure win for any costume contest, then piecing your costume together will likely be your best bet. Gathering together each of the pieces can be a lot of fun and you can take it a variety of different directions. For example a pair of bright red mesh shorts with “LIFEGUARD” printed on the back with a white tank top can be fun. Or you can purchase a true lifeguard swimsuit at a supply store and some iron on paper to create the “LIFEGUARD” print anywhere on the suit.


Either way you go for your lifeguard outfit can be a lot of fun. You will certainly enjoy making your purchase as well as wearing your costume whether you are trick or treating, handing out candy, or going to a party. Simply be creative and enjoy your lifeguard costume around friends as you celebrate this holiday of make believe, and remember to play your part as you spent time with friends or family.

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