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The duty of a lifeguard is to watch over swimmers in a pool environment or at the beach in case they were to get into trouble. This means that the lifeguard is usually out in the open and exposed to the sun on a regular basis. While some lifeguards are able to sit under an umbrella to shield them from some of the sun’s rays most of the time they are fully exposed to the elements.

The uniform for this occupation is a lifeguard t-shirt and a pair of swimming trunks. While this ensemble doesn’t require lot of maintenance, getting just the right lifeguard shirt is important. What exactly is the best lifeguard tee for someone who needs to be easily accessible and yet comfortable and ready to be on the move in minutes?

Guard T-shirts are lifeguard shirts that have all the qualities that make them perfect for this outdoor profession. They are created from 100% polyester or cotton and are breathable making them cool and comfortable to wear. They also help the lifeguard remain dry even though he or she is out in the blazing son for long periods of time. And the UV protection of these lifeguard t-shirts work in conjunction with sunscreen to help further protect the wearer. Even when they do get wet the materials they are made from make it easy for them to dry out quickly.

You can get these guard t-shirts with a company logo on them to help further identify them as the lifeguard and as an employee on duty. The best part of these lifeguard shirts is that they can go from a day at the beach to a night out at the beach bar without appearing out of place.

With regards to work at a swimming pool, the best choice of lifeguard shirts would be white in color because of the chlorine in the pool. Exposure to chlorine on a regular basis will fade out any bright colors. Lifeguards at the beach can choose pretty much any colors they like but it’s good to remember that white and light colors will reflect the sun while black and darker colors will absorb the sun making the wearer feel even warmer.

Finding just the right shirt for the job is important. Anything a lifeguard can do to feel cooler while on duty will help him or her do the best job they can.


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First time I've seen a yellow lg shirt. They usually use red trunks with cross on the middle but this is interesting one. Good job

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