Choosing Lifeguard Uniforms

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The uniform of a lifeguard involves a number of elements. You can’t just put on the first pair of trunks you come across. Lifeguard shorts are obviously important. At the same time, you will also need to keep in mind things like a lifeguard shirt, a lifeguard tank top, footwear, sunglasses, and more. You will certainly need to think about a lifeguard whistle, as well. It is true that some of these things may be given to you by your employer, but this isn’t really something you want to count on.


You can find everything you need in short order. More importantly, when you know what to look for with lifeguard gear and accessories, finding what you will need for the job is going to be a fairly straightforward endeavor.


How To Choose Your Lifeguard Uniform

Some facilities will provide you with things like a lifeguard shirt, a lifeguard whistle, or some lifeguard shorts. This is definitely a possibility with larger facilities, or facilities that are owned by a corporation that owns several similar locations. At smaller locations, and in other situations, you are going to need to get the clothing and accessories on your own. 


If you are new to working as a lifeguard, don’t worry. Here are the basics that you are going to want to keep in mind:


•           Apparel: Obviously, this is the most important aspect to your lifeguard uniform. Swimsuits are generally required for females, and lifeguard shorts are generally required for males. It is also possible that lifeguards will be assigned a lifeguard tank top. Certain facilities are gender-neutral, in terms of the uniform, and opt for something that everyone can wear comfortably and effectively. Your apparel needs to be distinctive, and it needs to be something that people can see and recognize almost immediately.

•           Accessories/equipment: This is where something like a lifeguard whistle is going to prove to be extremely important. At the same time, you may also need to think about things like sunglasses, or a waterproof watch. Rescue buoys and a first aid kit are of course necessities, too, but these things are usually given to you by your employer.

•           Footwear: In most areas, flip-flop sandals are going to be the smartest choice. In most situations, they are preferred, and required.

•           Sun protection: Sunglasses are generally a good idea. This is particularly true for lifeguards who are working outdoors. You are also going to want to have a UVA/UVB-resistant sunscreen.


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