What to Bring on the First Day as a Lifeguard?

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What to Bring on the First Day as a Lifeguard?

You have done it! You have found a job as a lifeguard and you are probably going through various stages of both excitement as well as nervousness. What will it be like? What do you need? This is all normal for any job and the first step to calming your nerves will be getting everything you need for your first day together in one place. It is recommended that you purchase a duffle bag to put everything you will need into one place that you can also keep in your car or in a place you won’t forget it.

Packing For Your First Day

There are many things you will need for your first day as a lifeguard. Figuring out exactly what to bring on the first day as a lifeguard can be not only helpful to soothing your nerves but also help ensure you do not forget anything. The first thing you should always pack is your Lifeguard and CPR certifications as your employer may want to see them and keeping them on you can be quite handy when necessary. You will then want to pack your equipment such as your lifeguard whistle and CPR pocket mask as well as your lifeguard fanny pack complete with all the first aid necessities. Other necessities include a lifeguard t-shirt or your uniform, sunglasses, sunblock, water, towel, and snacks to ensure that your personal needs as well as work needs are met properly. Some veteran lifeguards even suggest lifeguard caps to block the sun and lifeguard hoodies to stay warm if the weather happens to turn chilly.

Helpful First Aid Items

Accidents happen, which is why a lifeguard is needed to help people not only stay safe but also to treat the injured if something happens. A few first aid items you will want to pack in your lifeguard fanny pack include Neosporin or some othercream for cuts and scrapes, band aids, gauze, bandage tape, latex free gloves, and an antibacterial spray. These things are handy in the case of an incident where someone has gotten a minor injury that needs to be properly cleaned and treated. You will be glad that you brought them, especially if there are a lot of children running around where you are working. And since your fanny pack should always be on unless you are getting into the water, it will be easier to grab something from your fanny pack than go to retrieve them from the first aid kit at your station.

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Should I bring a lifeguard tube or will that be provided?

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