How to Use a Lifeguard Rescue Can

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As a lifeguard you have on main objective and that is to make sure you are protecting everyone that is in the water. When you choose to become a lifeguard, there will be several types of life saving equipment that you’ll have to learn to use ranging from a rescue can to examination gloves. By learning how to effectively use your equipment, you can easily get into the water and save lives, if necessary.


What is a Lifeguard Rescue Can?

Also commonly referred to as a rescue buoy, a rescue can is life saving equipment that is made out of buoyant materials. Typically the lifeguard will have one at their side and it gives them the ability to swim out to the person in danger and bring them back to safety without the risk of drowning. They are generally bright red in color, have convenient handles, and durable ropes in the event that the lifeguard needs to throw it in the water.


The way that you will use the lifeguard rescue can depends on the state of the person you are saving. If it is someone that is within swimming distance and requires assistance, the lifeguard will first jump into the water with their hands extended in front of them, the rescue can extended as well. They will then swim with the rescue can above and in front of them in the water, kicking their way to the person that needs saving. They will then instruct the swimmer to grab onto the rescue can so they can pull them to safety.


In the event that the swimmer is a reasonable distance away, the lifeguard may throw the rescue can into the water, much like a life preserving tube. This is when the durable ropes will come in handy. Once the rescue can has reached the swimming in distress, they will have to grab onto the handles on the side of the rescue can and the lifeguard will pull them back in using the ropes. Typically this is the least preferred method for using the lifesaving device as there isn’t a guarantee that it will reach the swimmer in enough time.


The main purpose of a lifeguard rescue can is to ensure that both the professional and the swimmer have access to a resilient floatation device that will rescue someone in distress whether they’re in a pool or the ocean. It also makes it easier for a lifeguard to swim to someone in distress without exhausting their body.

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Good equipments for summer lifeguards. Some students going to the U.S. for summer lifeguard jobs and they use these types of pool equipments. Appreciate it!

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