Lifeguard Swimsuit Buying Guide

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Lifeguard Swimsuit Buying Guide

As a lifeguard you will likely have a dress code that you have to follow, and while some places may provide you with your lifeguard swimsuits, other places will leave the decision up to you. Your swimsuit is a huge part of your ‘work uniform’ as you need to be visible to those in the water from a distance. It is also important to refer to your dress code or employee manual to ensure that you don’t have a specific color requirement, although bright red is the most common. Choosing they type of swimsuit you purchase can also help to ensure that the fit is not only right for you but comfortable as well.

Decision on Style Preference

While it may seem like an easy decision, choosing your lifeguard swim wear can be a pretty intimidating experience when you are just starting on the job. Many seasoned lifeguards have already chosen their preferred style of swim wear for their job and will likely stick to that decision for as long as they work as a lifeguard. However the rookies on the beach may not have figured out what works best for them and how to properly judge their options to make a good decision. For women the decision between a one piece and a two piece can be fairly simple, however men have to choose between lifeguard board shorts or lifeguard swim trunks, and each reacts differently in the water.

Board Shorts or Trunks

Deciding on lifeguard board shorts or trunks can be a bit of a difficult decision for some as the level of comfort may differ between the two lifeguard swim wear options. Many experienced lifeguards have said that between the two lifeguard swimsuits, the board shorts not only offer the most freedom but are much more comfortable than the swim trunks. Any easy way for you to make the decision yourself is to determine what kind of swimsuit you currently wear and choose the same style to ensure your comfort while on the job. Some people experience discomfort when switching styles of swimsuits as one may be more constrictive than another. The most important thing is that you can still move quickly through the water when duty calls and an emergency situation is underway. Buying your swimwear for work shouldn’t be stressful or difficult, but rather a decision that works best for you.

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