What Kind of Training Do Lifeguards Need?

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The credentials and certifications that lifeguards need in order to get hired in their chosen field vary from nation to nation. In the USA, completion of a lifeguard training course is generally mandatory.


The Red Cross is one non-profit organization which offers accredited and reputable lifeguard training courses. To help you learn about these types of training courses, we’ve compiled a helpful guide. You may find these types of training courses in most communities…


Rules for Lifeguard Training Courses


These courses are designed to help people get hired as lifeguards and they provide comprehensive training. Students will have their hands-on skills tested during certain points in the course and they will also need to complete and pass written examinations. For example, the Red Cross Lifeguard Training Course gives students who successfully pass the course First Aid, AED and CPR training and certification. Students will remain certified in these niches for twenty-four months after completion of their courses.

The Red Cross training course, when successfully completed, will certify a student as an official Red Cross lifeguard and it will allow him or her to work as a lifeguard anywhere in America. The American Red Cross is considered to offer the gold standard of training for lifeguards.


In order to qualify for acceptance into this type of course, via the Red Cross, you’ll need to be fifteen years of age or older by the final day of the course. As well, you’ll need to prove your swimming ability by successfully completing a pre-course test for swimming.


In terms of Red Cross course options, you’ll be able to take a full course which is designed for those who are new to lifeguard training. It will require your presence (you can’t do it online) and you will need to attend 25 hours of instruction, plus 20 minutes. There is also a Blended Learning course which takes 19.5 hours to complete, with 7.5 additional hours of online learning.


To find out more about what the Red Cross offers to aspiring lifeguards, be sure to visit their official website today. With any luck, they will offer the lifeguard training that you need right in your own community. While other organizations also offer lifeguard training, you’re probably better off seeking out this form of education via the Red Cross. People respect Red Cross Lifeguard certifications and pool managers want lifeguards who have it.


Now that you know how to get certified, why not sign up for training today?

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Lifeguard requirements:
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Wow, great blog.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.

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