The Numerous Uses For A Lifeguard Floating Keychain

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There are many ways to keep your belongings safe when heading out and enjoying the rivers, streams, lakes, and open oceans that surround us.  Specifically designed with purpose and functionality in mind, these devices can be incredibly helpful.  The trick is finding creative ways to use them.  However, it is well worth the attempt.  You can save hundreds of dollars in equipment and hours of struggle by creatively using the equipment you have on hand.


One popular piece of equipment is a floating keychain.  What does a floating keychain do, how does it differ from a lifeguard keychain and how can you use it to make life easier?  Let’s answer all these questions right now.


What Is A Floating Keychain


Simply put, a floating keychain is a keychain that is designed to float at the surface of the water and support several pounds of weight.  Floating key chains are made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, providing you with a great deal of selection.  How do floating key chains differ from a lifeguard floating keychain?  There is very little difference between the two.  Typically a lifeguard floating keychain will be brighter and easier to see.  With that out of the way, let’s look at some of the numerous floating keychain uses out there.



1.  Keep Your Boat Keys From Floating Away


The most popular use of a floating keychain, losing your boat key in the water can spell disaster.  This is especially true if you are already out to see and you cannot start your boat.  Having a boat key lost can cost you hundreds of dollars, leave you stranded, and take countless hours to replace.  A simple inexpensive lifeguard keychain can save you all that trouble.  Instead of sinking to the bottom of the water, the key will stay afloat with the keychain itself making the key far easier to spot.


2. Ties To A Water Safe Bag To Carry Valuables


Using one or more floating keychains, you can keep a water safe bag full of valuables safe and above the surface.  Incredibly useful for things like tubing, or when at a water park, the floating keychain can keep your belongings safe and sounds.


3.  Keep Things Afloat In The Tub!


Depending on the style of your bathtub, you may have a plug or other device that will typically float to the bottom of the tub when it is full.  A floating keychain helps stop this from happening.  

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