Why Wear A Lifeguard Fanny Pack?

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Every day in indoor and outdoor pools around the country, lifeguards keep children and adults safe in the water.  Providing an invaluable service, the ability of the lifeguard is only as ever good as their training and the things they carry with them.  Helping to store everything they need is the ubiquitous and familiar lifeguard fanny pack.  What is the lifeguard fanny pack and why should you consider wearing it?  Let’s take a moment to find out. 


What Is In The Lifeguard Hip Pack?


The lifeguard waist bag has the content of a first aid kit in it.  It will include an adult and pediatric Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation breathing mask, sterile pads, an absorbent compress, triangular bandages, antiseptic wipes, and gloves.  All of these things are kept within a waterproof bag that is bright and easy to spot.  Other things can sometimes find their way into a lifeguard fanny pack if they are not on duty, including their lifeguard whistle.  While on duty, this will be worn around their neck on a lanyard.


Why Should I Consider Wearing A Lifeguard Fanny Pack?

One of the highlights of the lifeguard fanny pack is that it is waterproof.  That means that it will be the perfect place for anything you do not want to get wet.  This can include you diving in the water and having your personal possessions stay safe.  In addition, the lifeguard hip pack is bright and easily recognizable.  It is perfect incase it gets away from you in the water because it is easy to locate.  The lifeguard waist bag will fit securely around your waist, ensuring that it goes no where even when you are active and in the water.


While the bag is a fantastic thing to have on its own, the first aid kit that comes with the bag is incredibly useful for a myriad of reasons.  For example, the content of the lifeguard hip pack emergency first aid kit helps you resuscitate someone who may have been drowning.  With proper training, you can increase your own response times, working up to the speed of a first responder. 


No one will force you to go out and get a lifeguard fanny pack.  However, it is an incredibly useful tool that can serve a myriad of purposes and help you to keep your belongings safe while in the water.  Customizable to whatever situation you find yourself in; having a lifeguard waist bag may one day save the life of you or someone you love.  A great thing to have if you find yourself in the water frequently, you should really consider picking up a lifeguard fanny pack.  

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